We Are Wired for Stories

We need them, in fact, to understand who we are, where we come from, and where we’re headed. And this is why even secular movies can become the occasion of a sacred experience. As Saint John Paul II wrote, “Even beyond its typically religious expressions, true art has a close affinity with the world of faith, so that, even in situations where culture and the Church are far apart, art remains a kind of bridge to religious experience.”

Everyone familiar with Christopher West's courses, lectures, books and blog posts knows that he is a movie enthusiast. Next to music, they’re his favorite art form. "There is just no more powerful way to tell a story, it seems to me, than through the visual medium of a well-crafted, artfully produced film," he says.

Over the years he has written a great deal about how certain movies create this bridge. Now, for the first time, and in response to numerous requests, he has collected those writings in one place: a FREE new eBook titled Theology of the Body at the Movies!

This collection of essays features more than two dozen films, from Oscar-winning Babette's Feast (1987), Avatar (2009) and Braveheart (1995) to current box-office hits Wonder WomanStar Wars: The Force Awakens and La La Land

Pope Benedict XVI maintained that each one of us should take the time “to follow with our minds and our hearts a tale, a story in which to immerse ourselves, in a certain sense ‘to lose ourselves’ to find ourselves subsequently enriched.” May this little collection of writings on movies help you enter into that enrichment.

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